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Prison Break~

I hit my fifth year this month. If you have read this blog from THE BEGINNING then you know, this an important time. From what I feared the most, the devastating effects from Multiple Sclerosis. Odd, isn’t it? I feared … Continue reading

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The Last..


Did you ever feel like you have lived enough for ten people? Well, I have.
I do.

Have you ever been ashamed of who you gave your energy, time, & youth to? I have.
I do.

If you think about it, look at your health struggles as a test of some sort. It can anger you. Really pisses you off. I get it. It can even be meaningless if you try and get help…

I hate going to the doctor and yet, six years ago-I went repeatedly, to my newly graduated physician in West Virginia, to not be taken seriously. When in actuality, my case was simply over her head.

Then my anxious, money hungry neuro who fell prey to the benefits of pushing copaxone, recognized autoimmunity in me to jump on the MS bandwagon, due to my having brain lesions. *Even though Lyme Disease causes brain lesions.*

He wasn’t waiting on that check!
Stick with reality. – Makes life easier.

Now, I have learned-all along, the autoimmunity was from Hashimoto’s and the lesions from Lyme attacking the fattest parts of my body. Hence, the brain. The Lyme & Hashimoto’s battle to the prelude of a MS misdiagnosis was yet another test.

AND- to think this all started with ‘looking into possible brain cancer.’

Greed & Ignorance is alive and well, folks.

I fought for six years. No matter what I went through or how I felt, I never gave up. I have answers. I am myself again.

One constant storm.
What’s the alternative?


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I was going to put all this behind me, not to write a final blog on the subject..but I feel I must. If anything I can enlighten others who have questions. And, I can write and read how I got my … Continue reading

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This week I will embark upon a new journey to possibly help me in my fight. Low Dose Naltrexone. It is approved through the FDA, Naltrexone, at 50 mg to aid in drug addiction. But Dr. Dr. Bihari, who discovered the … Continue reading

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