The Empath Evolution~

As different as this will sound, I am at a heightened level of awareness. Not only am I fascinated, it is quite exciting.

One year ago, I discovered on my numerology numbers that I would naturally progress into a spiritual level that I had never been before. Then I would reach a new plateau. Some type of success I never thought possible.

I had no idea what this meant, but I considered Numerology entertainment, while feeling a tinge of truth to all I was absorbing.

When my mom was living, during one of our many late night conversations, she once really liked my comment, “we can pass up our destiny.” Without even thinking of a comment of my very own, or of the numerology reading, I recently delved into some deep reading in my holistic medicine class, regarding Chakra. I immediately liked it and began my usual journey of reading on the true meaning of karma, chakra healing practices, and deeper meditation. Along with starting a more advanced yoga class.

I have no idea if this was simply growth or a desire to learn more about others, but I came across something about myself. I was blown away. I had learned I was an Empath. A fellow friend, holistic practitioner I regularly speak with, wholeheartedly agreed as if he assumed I already knew this.

Most people will think that means Highly Sensitive Person, but it’s actually a big misunderstanding to automatically think that. I jumped that gun as well.

I joked for years that I was a good witch because my mom and her biological mother both told me our bloodline was from the witches of Wales. Learning as a little girl that my maternal ancestors consisted of good witches, who were hung for predicting the towns events. They both seemed proud of this fact and told me ‘I would learn my power with age.’ Spooky stuff.

It was a frightening moment when someone would hurt me in my youth, and if I was the underdog, my mom’s piercing green eyes would shimmer with magic to say, “oh you believe me, the day will come where they will pay.” Only said in a much more powerful, intimidating, witchy poo way.
It somehow never failed that the person she spoke of was five to ten years later in a disastrous life obstacle.

Naturally, I have looked up these witches and they did exist. Maybe that is in my blood, they would know.

However, I don’t think my mom realized she was an empath as well.

I know for a fact she experienced the following which I have my entire life. Sadly, I don’t think my mentor realized she was in the same boat. As usual, she was right. Turns out, Empaths are natural healers, clandestine and more powerful than they are even aware.

If you are an Empath, you should:

  1. Dislike and feel uncomfortable around clutter, you are intensely aware of the convoluted energy of disorganization around you.
  2. You are overwhelmed in large crowds. Needing space and to step aside or step outside for fresh air, due to feeling all the emotions of the surrounding large crowd at once. (Apparently, that’s where alcohol came in for my youth and the consistent crowds I took part in.)
  3. Feeling physically or emotionally ill form another persons pain or discontentment, without them even telling you. Feeling others emotions and taking them on as your own: This is a huge one for empaths. To some they will feel emotions off those near by and with others they will feel emotions from those a vast distance away, or both. The more adept empath will know if someone is having bad thoughts about them, even from great distance. The empath must learn distance to distinguish their own feelings apart from others.
  4. Having an innate ability to naturally know when someone is lying to you, telling you half truths, manipulating you, or suffering while denying it.
  5. Enjoy solitude. Welcome solo efforts. Desire to be self employed or for example, a freelance writer for a little realtor paper. 😉 Knowing working in crowds or a group will be overwhelming carrying their emotions with your own. Preferring one on one.
  6. People naturally gravitate to you to dump everything on you, completely trusting you. Strangers will tell you their life story or secrets, without any effort or questions from you.
  7. You have a natural ability to be artistic. Musical, a writer, a painter, a poet.
  8. Truth teller. Regardless of how brutal, you are boldly honest. Anything untruthful feels plain wrong.
  9. You crave peace. You will accommodate, codependent for others, or coddle, to keep all at peace.
  10. Watching or hearing of violence, cruelty or a tragedy is unbearable and will weigh on you for days with intrusive upsets.
  11. Intolerance to narcissism: Although kind and often tolerant of others, empaths do not like to be around overly egotistical people, who put themselves first, puts on a facade or brushes aside the feelings of others while pretending to care. (*Lord knows I run from these type of people.*)
  12. Maternal love for nature and animals, children and the elderly. Always looking out for the underdog.
  13. Finds routine, rules or control, imprisoning: Anything that takes away their freedom is debilitating to an empath even poisoning.
  14. Will not choose to buy antiques, vintage or second-hand: Anything that’s been pre-owned carries the energy of the previous owner. An empath will even prefer to have a brand new car or house (if they are in the financial situation to do so) with no residual energy.
  15. Sense the energy of food: Many empaths don’t like to eat meat or poultry because they can feel the vibrations of the animal (especially if the animal suffered), even if they like the taste.
  16. Can appear moody, shy, aloof, disconnected: Depending on how an empath is feeling will depend on what face they show to the world. They can be prone to mood swings and if they’ve taken on too much negative from another will appear quiet and unsociable. When in reality, they are relishing in their solitude. An empath detests having to pretend to be happy when they’re overwhelmed, this only adds to their load.
  17. Excellent listener: An empath won’t talk about themselves much unless it’s to someone they really trust. They love to learn and know about others and genuinely care.
  18. Always looking for the answers and knowledge: To have unanswered questions can be frustrating for an empath and they will endeavor to find an explanation. If they have a knowing about something they will look for confirmation. The downside to this is an information overload.
  19. Prefers adventure, exploring, freedom and travel: Empaths are free spirits.
  20. Drawn to healing, holistic therapies and all things metaphysical: Although many empaths would love to heal others they can end up turning away from being healers (even though they have a natural ability for it), after they’ve studied and qualified, because they take on too much from the one they are trying to heal. Especially if they are unaware of their empathy.  Anything of a supernatural nature is of interest to empaths and they don’t surprise or get shocked easily. Even at the revelation of what many others would consider unthinkable, for example, empaths would have known the world was round when others believed it was flat.

Any person who knows the true me agrees every one of these describe me to the T.

If you can say yes to all of the above then you are most definitely an empath, OR we are witches.



I am a mama, wife, freelance writer, childrens rights activist, singer/songwriter, self employed music producer, music enthusiast, and dry comedian. Also, have lived and won the fight of ambiguous injustice in misdiagnoses, health challenges, and recovery. Along with being highly opinionated, all for your entertainment and my creativity. ALSO possibly the biggest Elvis Presley fan you'll ever meet, without collecting all the junk. ~~~~~~~~~~~
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