For the blog followers that have asked how I am, I thought I should check in for all of you, to update.
I am eternally grateful for the concern. Even if it’s an inquiry for yourself, or a loved one. I know how little positive news there is online regarding thyroid cancer, so I’d ask the positive story teller as well.

Recently on a site, I was reminded of the years with my misdiagnosis. I received private letters from friends asking how many times I was misdiagnosed for example. So, to clear up any confusion on the blog, I was given four answers. Two diagnosis. One probable.

Brain cancer was first guessed, with the inactive brain lesions, found in a catscan. Later ruled out, after the MRI. Multiple Sclerosis was written down as probable. Even though the neurologist was still greedy enough to prescribe me Copaxone. Lyme Disease was diagnosed from the brain lesions, and a blood test from Igenex. Unfortunately, for Lyme disease sufferers, here is why I now know the blood work means nothing and they have to go by symptoms in Lyme. Also for who has asked, a lawsuit was not only an undesirable pursuit for me, but a difficult fulfillment. If a person has EVER been bit by an infected tick, or you grew up around animals and/or a farm, as I have, Spirochetes detection will show somewhere in your blood. However, It doesn’t mean you have present, active Lyme disease. MS and Lyme are identical in symptoms, and there is no such definitive test to diagnose MS. That’s the reason for those two diseases being the focus for years. Most Lyme sufferers will tell you they were first diagnosed with MS. Blood tests cannot diagnose thyroid cancer itself, or detect a cancerous nodule.

Lastly, the real answer, and what ended my symptoms after treatment, Thyroid Cancer.

I knew when I lived in my home state, I was progressively getting worse. It was one of my reasons to move my family. I was desperate for a new medical surrounding. A new record. New tests. If the help isn’t coming to you, go to it, was my mindset.

Anyway, believe it or not I don’t think about where I have been. Recently, I was reminded of it all. I replied to a friend, “Every time I think of being diagnosed with MS and Lyme, all from brain lesions, when it was thyroid cancer all along, it makes me irate.” It occurred to me later, I am not irate. I never was, it was more surprise, if anything. I am actually quite calm about the health struggles I endured. What can make me angry is that there are intelligent, well educated people in the medical field, who take guesses with peoples lives, while they hold you hostage in thought, fear, and bewilderment.

For the people who don’t know what to do, don’t have an aloof attitude, or don’t have the resources to do something new, I’m ticked.

Although, after all the medical community are human beings. As I said before and I will say again, it doesn’t matter who they work for or what their facility is ranked as, they can be wrong. Your being your own best advocate is your best shot. I think I’m not angry, because I know every positive reinforcement that took place was because I never gave up on getting an answer. Through research, polite commentary, educating myself, appeasing when I knew I had to, and then walking away when I knew I wasn’t getting anywhere. I eventually got where I needed to be, with the answer that made sense and treatment worked.

As for now, it rips my guts out to read others stories through the support groups. I am very lucky. I will only pass on what I have stuck with, because each person is unique in their journey. My obsession is with what I eat, the consistent exercise, meditation, natural (only) supplements for anything I am lacking from a complete thyroidectomy and parathryoidectomy, taking the original medication that makes the most sense, Armour, made from dissected pig, the closest thyroid as a woman. Walking away  from any and all situations where I clearly feel used and disrespected on a recurring basis, and surrounding myself with positivity and gratitude, have all played a part in staying healthy and cancer free thus far. If it happens to come back, I will fight harder.

When I first read one of the key components to good health and fighting cancer was to rid yourself of any and all stress. I thought, we all have stress. How can this be done? Well, after a surgeon tells you your trachea was less than an half inch from being shut off, then you survive, all the stress sincerely dissipates.

Check your neck, reduce your stress as much as possible, and don’t take your doctors word as bible.
Be Well~

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