Fill Your Bottle Up~

I’m still here. I’ve answered each letter so hopefully they all went out properly.

As much as my private personality tells me to keep it to myself, I still let it all out at health seminars, writers meetings, and in the manuscript. For those who have asked, it will happen. Unfortunately, I’m my own worst critic and a perfectionist. I will go back to something repeatedly to get it just right.

As for the people who yearn for good news regarding thyroid cancer, I know for me even though the radiologist jumped the gun at first I received a clean bill of health and I discovered in NY, the cancer did not return. I’m finally level with my thyroid replacement, the anxiety and fatigue is gone, just when I think I’m about to have anxiety or pass out from the day, I don’t. Terrible how things that have gone on for so long can make you think they are forever. They don’t have to be. I’m also no longer out of breath, I’m thinner now than I was before I got sick, and I am a content survivor. Anything worth having, you MUST give it patience and perseverance.

If you lost a parathyroid gland or more, you should keep tums by your bed. Crazy, right? But they work. If the body lacks calcium you will experience some scary symptoms, along with neuropathy. If you simply take two tums and a calcium supplement, (the citrate type), the symptoms will go away. If you do nothing, you will end up in the hospital. You will also learn thyroid cancer can cause brain lesions.

So, it’s natural for the female body to go into early menopause after a major surgery, sugar should also be avoided. Especially if you don’t have a thyroid because you have no natural organ to help control your heart rate. Finally, don’t touch soy. Calm down, I eat sushi all the time, it can be done.

My elation of success, knowing how large that tumor really was at my trachea, all the times I huffed and puffed, and walking around clueless. I still carry guilt knowing of others who didn’t make it. A sixteen year old, for one. My Aquarian nature puts me in an automatic drive of feeling aloof and distant to what really has happened to me. I still care about all of you who have written, asked, cared for this blog, and the people searching for something positive. So I’ll pass it on, live all you can. Not the reckless kind. Actual living where you can look proud into the mirror. Making true attempts to make yourSELF better will put into action for you to be happier within, where it counts.

Last but not least, what I have learned from having cancer may have been the best thing that ever happened to me, but when you read or hear “thyroid cancer is the best cancer to have”.. Either immediately punch them in the face, or ask them how it was for them. I doubt they will have an answer. The ones that haven’t been in a particular place, or don’t know all of the facts always have the biggest opinions with no concrete experience to back it up.
Be good to yourself~

** Jerri, these songs are old for me. 😉 But Kacey Musgraves also wrote and reluctantly gave up:

For your “one”:


I am a mama, wife, freelance writer, childrens rights activist, singer/songwriter, self employed music producer, music enthusiast, and dry comedian. Also, have lived and won the fight of ambiguous injustice in misdiagnoses, health challenges, and recovery. Along with being highly opinionated, all for your entertainment and my creativity. ALSO possibly the biggest Elvis Presley fan you'll ever meet, without collecting all the junk. ~~~~~~~~~~~
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