So much for the book I never wanted to finish. As much as I hate the recent answer I’ve received, I sure do value answers to mysteries. And it’s my moral duty to report this. I want to enlighten other women without a thyroid. As well as others who suffer with Lyme disease. 

Most recently, as I continued the journey of trying to figure out why my body was rejecting natural thyroid replacements such as; Naturethroid, Armour, and NP Thyroid. Women on thyroid support groups were in awe I have a doctor that goes by symptoms, not blood and one who is against Synthroid. A dream according to these women. One late night during an episode of insomnia, I was avidly reading, when I came across this sentence, “If a person has Lyme disease, their body will reject a natural thyroid medication.” My immediate reaction was like being hit with a hammer. I shot up in bed, reading it again to absorb the information that I knew rang all too true. Having the mysterious neuropathy in my right foot for almost two years, my laid back attitude was clouded by the out of blue anxiety, without the attacks. The burning limbs from the Naturethroid put me in a time machine of reliving the Lyme symptoms. 

I dreaded my upcoming doctor appointment, but knew I could not live without a thyroid replacement so off I went. As I was anxious to find out if my saliva testing showed that I am premenopausal, this amazing and famous doctor that took on my file after my last beloved doctor moved away, looked at me to ask, “Tell me about your Lyme, what were your symptoms?” while he looked at my brain MRI, I explained my neurological symptoms. Neuropathy, pins and needles, head pain, and burning limbs. He then said, “Donda, I’m thinking you have chronic Lyme and the natural thyroid medications woke it up so to speak.” My reply was simple and honest. “Sir, I’m not surprised.” The doctor continued on to explain that chronic Lyme is argued in the medical world to not be real but patients like myself are living proof, and that he believed my long treatment of antibiotics as well as “bold move” to consume colloidal silver temporarily shut off that part in my immune system all to have the cancer and thyroid meds wake it up. 

I felt nothing. I wasn’t disappointed, surprised, affected in any way. Just truly thankful for an answer. He then quickly added, “I have a serum in the lab to shut it off in you again. Are you interested?” I couldn’t have said yes quick enough. The doctor and another doctor, who joined in the meeting, explained they were trying to create a Lyme immunization and created this by accident. The serum had to be tested on me to see if I did in fact still have Lyme. The doctor added, “You can’t always trust blood tests for these things.” (Yes. This is where I shared the MS misdiagnosis story..) He replied, “That all makes sense. They don’t test for all the Lyme markers in basic Lyme tests, but I have your Lyme markers tests right here and people only have to match three to have Lyme. You had all five. So, lets go try the serum and if you feel better, you still have it in your body and we can then not cure it but shut it down.” 

As I followed him into the lab I thought of witchcraft. Come on! How can this be? How can they turn off an autoimmune disease. Naturally, I looked at the lab technician to question it. She reassured me this test would tell all and the ‘vaccine’ would shut off that part in my body that carries Lyme. She asked me to remove my shirt and she injected me with the liquid then handed me a timer and worksheet. I was instructed to write down any good or bad symptoms I felt along with the time. As Bobby and I sat he asked, “Do you feel anything?” I said, “No. This is crazy. I’m not buying this.” Six minutes later I felt dizzy. Wrote it down. The timer went off and I reported back to her. She then injected me with the serum, told me to do the same. Eight minutes later, I was in awe, I pushed my flip flop off and said “Oh my god, my neuropathy in my foot is fading! That can’t be!” 
Timer went off.
I go back to her and she shot the serum under my tongue and told me to not swallow it for two minutes. At two minutes, I swallowed and was rushed over with a massive amount of euphoria. Just complete happiness from nowhere. A surge of insurmountable energy and happiness. I went to her and asked, “What’s the stuff you put in my mouth?” She answered, “That’s the vaccine.” 

I then asked, “So I still have Lyme obviously?” She rubbed a liquid on my shoulder and circled it. She said, “Tomorrow morning if you have raised skin here and it’s red, you do. And this vaccine will make you feel how you feel now.” 

As I was leaving, the doctor was excited to ask what he knew and I didn’t originally believe, “Did you feel fantastic and happy when you took it?” I said, “I..uh.. YES! I feel amazing!” The doctors and secretaries were cheering me on and were ecstatic. Although, they weren’t nearly as happy as I was. (During the ride home, I felt like a thrilled problem free 22 year old.)

The main doctor ended it with looking at Bobby to say, “I want you to understand her level of stress is at a level you and I could never grasp.” He held his hand to his forehead to say, “Her Lyme has her body up to here in stress and discord.” Then he held his hand over his head, “And a woman without a thyroid, and no replacement medication has the stress to here. We made a huge difference today. You’ll both be able to relish in it.”

This morning I looked at my shoulder to find it red and the skin raised. Am I bothered that I still have Lyme? Well, no. Here’s why, I called the lab to inform them. I am now holding my freshly mixed ecstatic 22 year old serum. If I led you astray in any way, keep in mind I always warned that each Lyme patient is unique. However, in the comment box on the copyright tab, write me a private letter and I will happily give you the doctor and location for you to ‘shut off’ your Lyme as well.

Thank you for your support. Be Well. ~

UPDATE: The potion was a snake oil. I had cancer all along. My body was devouring any and all nutrients.


I am a mama, wife, freelance writer, childrens rights activist, singer/songwriter, self employed music producer, music enthusiast, and dry comedian. Also, have lived and won the fight of ambiguous injustice in misdiagnoses, health challenges, and recovery. Along with being highly opinionated, all for your entertainment and my creativity. ALSO possibly the biggest Elvis Presley fan you'll ever meet, without collecting all the junk. ~~~~~~~~~~~
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