Pain In The Neck~

As promised here’s a recent bandage free shot of the incision. I was sickened to learn of other trachea, thyroid cancer patients to not be told of any facts.
So here’s the info I was given.

photoThe initial bandage, after stitches are removed, should be kept on for ten days until it falls off on its own or is dirty and needs replaced. Do not let your neck be saturated in water or let a shower head hit the incision.
Since you can’t look straight up for two weeks after the surgery, I bent my head over under the water in the shower to wash my hair. During recovery be sure to have heat packs for your neck and shoulder pain.

After the bandage is off, apply bacitracin for one week. The doctor told me to wear a scarf to protect it from the sun until it’s only a scar. Then start using Vaseline on it to help it heal and fade.

No surprise there. My feminine genius mom had me put Vaseline on and around my eyes since my teen years (& I have ever since).
It was her daily ritual taught to me, and I taught to my daughter. The goal is to keep your eyes youthful and refreshed. It supposedly keeps wrinkles to a minimum as a person ages. It’s also the ideal replacement to mascara, since mascara eventually makes ones eyelashes fall out with age. Vaseline keeps them lengthy if done consistently.

Now, it’s the suggestion from Sloan-Kettering for a slit throat.
What the.. Will she ever be wrong?!
~Recover, Renew, Reflect, Regain, Regrow, Reconnect, Relax.~


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