The Last Of The Doctors~

Well, I discovered why a person should never do basic research. Google or Bing the topic in question, hit Joe or Janet Schmo opinions. If you do, you’ll feel like Debbie Downer.

I know it’s hard to believe but all of my research have always consisted of medical journals and a library. As well as always joining support groups. I have faced such serious assumptions  the last seven years, I have never felt safe with wasting time reading anything basic. Plus, I’ve never been a parrot. What happens to one person doesn’t mean it will happen to me. 

In fact, my beloved doctor and I had a discussion on this topic last year. I mentioned how I can be irritated with the comment, “don’t read so much”. (I there such a thing?) He said the reason why was so that I would not do just what I did, read blogs by people who are having a tough time he added, “People who are fine don’t care enough for others to blog, so you don’t really read about the success stories”.
Boy is that the truth.

I plan to change that customary situation. Just as the misdiagnosis of a neurologist writing in my file, ‘POSSIBLE RRMS’, while he put me on Copaxone. A misdiagnosis that is common in the Lyme world. The same with my sharing the dreaded colloidal silver and hydrogen peroxide baths to cure Lyme. An LLMD would find insane. Although, as I stated before what worked for myself may not work for you. However, why not pass it on? What if it does work for you? You’ll save yourself years of pain, doctor appointments, emotional anguish with the brain lesions, money, and abusing your organs with over usage on ineffective antibiotics.  That’s why.

I don’t have to know you if I can help.

Therefore with the intimidating trachea tumor with Cancer spiraled my ole thyroid, I plan to recover, adjust to my thyroid replacement Levothyroxine, while going back to my organic diet and exercise so I can report a positive experience. I have full intention of giving others the hope I was given back after hearing that dreaded word. Lets be honest, there’s no scarier situation to hear ‘you have cancer’, other than a child crime. 

Everything about the word can be daunting.
As Bobby and I sat in Sloan-Kettering for my first appointment waiting, we witnessed an elderly lady in a wheelchair attempting to fill out her own paperwork as her cold assistant did nothing and looked like she couldn’t care less. We also watched a 22 year old girl walking out bald. Too many young people coming out coughing up blood in a handkerchief. 
Bobby and I were both feeling more uneasy with what we have already been affected with watching that in our personal lives. I abruptly asked where the bathroom was, since he had already gone. I jumped up and evidently ended up in a different one than the one he instructed me to. My sweet man came looking for me and assumed my commitment phobia had kicked in and I took off.
In reality, I wanted to avoid knocking out the inconsiderate ass who was ‘assisting’ the sick elderly lady and I wanted to pee before the meeting.
As much as I hate commitments and yes, I have opinions and beliefs on cancer just as everyone else does, I would never walk away from a situation that I care about and that I can fix. There’s nothing to fear but fear itself.

The good news is you can have a life after being told you have cancer. You absolutely can recover if your thyroid cancer is found early. This really can be a thing of your past in which makes you all the more stronger. 
I intend to be one of them.

Keep in mind if you’re active and yet experiencing shortness of breath while doing something so simple as talking on the telephone, check your neck. Just as women check their breasts for lumps.
I assumed I was drained when that happened while speaking on the phone. It was odd. Long walks, biking, and working out didn’t leave me winded but climbing stairs and speaking on the phone gave me shortness of breath.
Dr. Morris’ assistant told me those are symptoms, since my tumor shows to be so close to my windpipe.
The other symptom is added fatigue. Conversations with others who fought cancer reiterated that fact.

If you happen to have those symptoms don’t panic. Something as small as a lack of a needed supplement to your body can give a person those symptoms. Just be diligent with any and all lumps. Pay attention to any lingering pain in or behind your ears. Even if you have or had Lyme Disease. I know how common swollen lymph nodes are with Lyme. Even though nodules in the neck are 95% benign, have an Endocrinologist only check your nodules. When I suggested to my family doctor last year that maybe I had a hormone issue she blew it off since she said, “You still have a regular menstrual cycle”. She assumed the lumps were swollen lymph nodes from Lyme as well.
This Endocrinologist knew immediately. (Refer to my blog: Most Important Road Trip of All.)  

I feel so fortunate for my support system of family and friends, and the fact that I have health insurance. I plan to be a part of that fight for others just as I have and continue to for children’s rights. 

I have officially prepared for this. Time with my family. Plentiful of prayers through myself and my loved ones. A weekend of gorging on every type of fattening food I have ignored for a long time (except red meat). My usual therapy session of soaking up the ocean ambiance and saltwater. A night of delicious champagne and cocktails in New York.
I feel 100% confident about this surgery and am more than ready for the next chapter of my life.  

“Time And health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.”  ~Denis Waitley

About Donda Danforth

I am the product of lifelong assorted novels in the works. Amateur music producer with official background. Long time freelance writer and ghost writer. Working to tell the truths and tales to the abuse and survival of cancer, Lyme disease, misdiagnoses, adolescent marriage, narcissistic abuse, and the humor that accompanies such a diverse list.
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