The Test~

~Dedicated to the friends who even with their own lives to run, took the time to be concerned, loving and supportive.. who praised my efforts and changes-without dwelling on questions, who never viewed me differently than who I have always been. Knowing without a doubt-that I would do the same for you, And-never seeing me as sick–because I’m not. :)~

And, to Sheri and Kerry–for continuous understanding for living what I have and your warmhearted support.

A fact that has been proven:

“Loving and living within a network of friends and family improves your health and your chances of recovering from illness.”

At the beginning of the last week of June, I decided to start the medication, Low Dose Naltrexone.

My second year of excluding myself from the 4th of July festivities, so I can work through my mad scientist work.

I felt very nervous to take on the med while Bobby was on the water, working. My reasons to go ahead with it were this:

1) I knew the more significant test was being on the 3 mg. but I had to begin with 1.5 mg for 3 weeks before I hit the higher dose, to become stabilized.

2) I read in a medical journal, that even without feeling symptoms, autoimmune diseases go on. Yet, LDN repairs myelin sheath. So, common sense and research told me, to get answers, & if necessary, help. Therefore, I had to get it in my system.

3) I’m not always patient. As much as chantix scarred me, I still knew it was time.

To date, I can report, it is mind blowing the energy this LDN gives me on some days, even on such a low dose.

Many days I can honestly say I feel as though I had in my 20’s. Unfortunately, since my body is adjusting to the med and it can be painful when the med clears up old infections, of any kind, some days are debilitating. Not with mobility but with simply feeling awake. Regardless of the daily supplements and exercise I enforce on myself, the tiredness can be overwhelming. Plus the insomnia the med gives you while your body is getting adjusted, is frustrating. The good thing is I’m easy going. At night, I just go with it, pick up a book, find something on TV, take a walk, &/or watch a sunrise.

(*Writing is impossible at those times since the drained head takes away that concentration to be creative.)

I am unable to ‘veg and eat’ — not only due to my diet rules but the LDN has taken away my appetite. I have to force eating. Not because it makes me sick, I just don’t desire food. Something I know will make Bobby very upset when he sees it for himself.

*I am told the LDN insomnia will end.*

Although with the obstacles, I never stop researching. N E V E R.  I diligently work for more and more reading material that is written only by the medical community and individuals who have conquered to rid themselves of brain lesions, to find masterful ways at my search for answers.

And to think of the disappointments with doctors.. **insert sarcasm here..** What a shock, huh?

For one, when this all started, my jovial neurologist often checked on me. No, I don’t need to be babied by a busy physician. But, I took his word on the copaxone, as he reaped in the monetary benefits, so having his assistant call.. Yes..that seems only compassionate, right? Did he take my trusting his opinion as a form of respect or fear? Makes you wonder. What is the true reason a human being works in medicine? Can’t only be for the paycheck, could it? Or, am I that harmonious within?

Well, some time after stopping the copaxone, he called to push it once again on me, as I stated, “I was hoping to give the LDN an opportunity to get answers & help if needed..” — He grew cold over the phone, to tell me, “Then you can call your second opinion doctor. Goodbye.” *click. Thankfully, if I don’t care about a person, I really feel nothing when being rejected. So, no problem. But nevertheless, how childish can you be? A grown professional that was bugged I wanted further opinions. We aren’t discussing a head cold here?! Oh, wait a minute, he doesn’t get his copaxone kickback from me now. How frustrating for the poor doctor.

Copaxone is $2200 a month, for the patient. Yeah, he lost money. & I’ll get a third, fourth, fifth opinion if I wish–asshole.

Secondly, I have found out that LDN treats ALL autoimmune diseases, including Lyme. (the latter being what I still many days really believe I may have the late stages’s a very close match, in which mimics MS, so who knows.) 

LDN is so powerful it also helps addictions in much higher dose than mine.
I am now at the acceptance stage of my high possibility of never knowing what my brain lesions and the symptoms I can endure are from. I’ve hit all stages of grief-except one, with this health journey.  I have had practice with losing my beloved I know them all too well.

1. Denial and Isolation. (*done denial with my dad’s death & isolation with my mom’s death.)

2. Anger. (actually, with the health, I felt more empowerment than I have anger.)

3. Bargaining.

4. Depression.

5. Acceptance.

That’s a relief, I’m at acceptance. My favorite stage of a crossroads in life.

As for this LDN test, the energetic days-from the high rise in endorphins, which I am feeling are already happening more often, are very powerful.  I can sleep only 3-4 hours, to arise to the alert feeling – with red eyes – to shower, do yoga, drink coffee, work on our flowers, take supplements, and head out to exercise. The energy even increases at night, where I find myself amazed with walking inclined roads for two miles. (I always exercised and walked, but I have a FULL, different energy and could easily walk more..) While my well being feeling of ‘quality of life’ radiates from me, and I drink my green shake with my low fat dinner. And, my red wine later in the evening..with witty repartee upshoot to boot. 😉

I sincerely believe there are many more days like this to come. Once again, and to this day, if you seen me in person, you would never think I struggle with anything. (Due to healthy living, not the LDN.)

I have not been on the LDN long enough to report much more. I may come back with little, even better, worse, or no news. However, even if the LDN stops working, or never continues to stick with my system, I will prevail. I will never forget my largest lesson of all: ~Your body will react to what your mind tells it.~ Again, I am unable to live in denial or fairy tale land-people who can do that blow my mind, I just wholeheartedly believe it.

Who would have thought going to the ER for head pain to end up with scary MRI results – that begun with brain cancer as the diagnosis assumption, could change ones life for the better?  When I think of how I felt in Cheat Lake, in March of 2010-for example, she is a different person. I don’t even remember her until Bobby and Drew tell me of how amazed they are with who I am compared to the person of those times.

Yes, age causes aches and changes beyond our control, but if you can honestly say you are mentally and physically BETTER than you were the year before, you are healthy.

Due to being asked–as for the LDN, since it is only approved in high doses and because it is now out of patent, no one will spend the millions required for FDA approval. My advice to you would be to read/learn everything you can about LDN, or any health adversity you may face, be patient, have courage, and take an active role in your treatment. Make it happen for you.

If you are unable to find assistance from your doctor, there are resources who will help you. Including myself-with what I know. If the LDN does not benefit you, for anyone who asks-I can offer suggestions to improve your health without it as well. And, I won’t be bothered if you choose to take your own path. Nor, will I ask for a kickback. It’s decent human nature: kindness, to each it’s own, what you put in your body, how you work your brain, and education, makes for good medicine.


About Donda Danforth

I am the product of lifelong assorted novels in the works. Amateur music producer with official background. Long time freelance writer and ghost writer. Working to tell the truths and tales to the abuse and survival of cancer, Lyme disease, misdiagnoses, adolescent marriage, narcissistic abuse, and the humor that accompanies such a diverse list.
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  1. Gigi Green says:

    I love you and amazed you.


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